A Cookbook Challenge


It's so easy to fall into a recipe rut, especially when working long hours. Robert and I both work nearly every other weekend so trying new recipes and fiddling about with different ingredients is usually the last thing on my mind when I get home from work. We always cook from scratch, with the occasional fajita kit or jar of pesto thrown in so it's not that we eat badly. We go for fresh veggies and try to restrict our pasta or white grains intake opting instead for wholegrain rice and at one point quinoa which, honestly, I don't think either of us got on that well with. It's just that recently we've got stuck into making the same old same old every week and it's getting a little bit boring.Cookbooks01 With that in mind I proposed an idea to Robert (on our drive home from the supermarket) that once a week, perhaps on a Sunday when neither of us works, we crack open the recipe books and try a new meal out. We have quite a few cook books and it seems a shame that they either barely get used or the same old recipes from them are created over and over- it's time for a change! I've already started flicking through a few of them to bookmark some potential October meals, Autumn definitely calls for some hearty stews and pie! Hopefully we'll stick with our new project, at least until Christmas, and will find some new meals to add to our weekly rotations. Unfortunately I haven't quite managed to persuade Robert with the idea of meatless Mondays, but I'm still working on it ;) I'll obviously be keeping the blog updated with our progress, if only to ensure we actually keep up with it. Have you done a cookbook challenge, how did you get on?