Refectory Kitchen


This weekend mum and dad were in Kent so after working on Saturday we decided to go out for breakfast on Sunday. Breakfast is always a good idea, and pancakes for breakfast is possibly the best decision that anyone can make. After being pretty sure that I most definitely wanted pancakes I ended up not having pancakes, whatttt. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Refectory02We went into Canterbury nice and early for breakfast at the Refectory Kitchen. Normally I am really not a morning person but Sunday was such a beautiful crisp October day it inspired me to get up early more often (I promptly then slept in until 9 the next day so the feeling clearly didn't last long!). Robert made the good call of going for a vanilla latte and pancakes with bacon and syrup. The only downside was that the syrup was golden not maple which is an interesting choice, but pancakes and bacon is always a perfect combination. Refectory01Mum, dad and I decided to share and we went for the Refectory Grill Up, pancakes with blueberries and natural yoghurt and the Confit Duck Hash. Oh man those pancakes, so delicious and filling and so tempting to go back next weekend for more. The duck hash was an interesting choice, it came with butternut squash, potatoes, pomegranate, egg and sour cream. It was really tasty and quite rich, I think we decided it was probably more of a lunch item rather than breakfast as it was a little too rich for first thing in the morning- but yum. Refectory03It was such a filling breakfast that we really didn't need lunch which never happens with me, I always need 3 meals a day and suitable snacks in between. What lunch we did have later comprised of chocolate cake and tea- the best kind of lunch in my opinion, cake is for life not just for dessert. It seems the older I get the more I appreciate good lazy breakfast mornings. There's something about gathering a group of your favourite people together first thing in the day for good food, conversation and tea, it just can't be beat.