Home is Where the Heart Is


This weekend I'm headed home to Sussex to celebrate Dad's birthday (and mine!). It's been a little while (a good couple of months I think) since I was last home and I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone. What's even better is that my other sister is also coming down for the weekend, so it will be the first time since February I believe where the whole family will be together!Home05Thinking about going home has had me flicking through some photographs from earlier in the year, when the weather was warmer and the sun was shining (and the chicken was still around :( ...) I've been so ridiculously tired the last few weeks that the thought of going home to family and chilling out with them sounds just about perfect to me right now! Home02We're not planning on doing much as autumn has brought along a crazy amount of work for all of us, so lazy breakfasts and gentle walks to pick berries and chestnuts is on the cards. And cake. Lots of cake. We are celebrating two birthdays after all!

Home03I'm hoping that the weather will be one of those glorious autumn weekends where the air is crisp and chilly but the sun is still shining and no rain, to allow us to have a nice dry walk! Crunching through fallen leaves and stopping for a flask of something warm and chocolatey, yes please! It would be great if the weather is chilly enough to warrant a fire in the evening...but it might be a bit early for that. But curling in front of the fire after dinner, cuddled up with the cats while we watch a movie sounds like the perfect Saturday evening to me. This is where the weekend is going to rain continuously and we end up getting stuck inside for the whole time, please no! But either way, there will be cake. CAKE! :D

I'm so excited I can't wait, but I'm also so sleepy that I hope I can stay awake for it! Have you got any lovely plans for the weekend?