Autumn Foraging


This weekend was so lovely and we actually managed to go for our walk despite it being a little grey. More importantly Robert was even able to join us for the walk taking a bit of a break from his work. We took the opportunity to forage for some autumn treats including blackberries, sloes and rosehips. We were going to make sloe gin but didn't get around to it, and also the bottle I bought to make it in cracked as soon as I washed it in warm water, boo! Foraging03Foraging11Luckily I've frozen the sloes so as soon as I get a new bottle the ginning will begin! I'm also planning on making rosehip syrup too, ย so they're waiting patiently in the freezer until I get the time to make that too.

Foraging10Foraging06The woods and fields were looking beautiful with autumn in full swing andย the ground was covered in wonderful crunchy leaves. We were all bundled up in scarves and jackets and had the good fortune to avoid any rain that we had that day.

Foraging08Foraging09I even matched my wellies to the rosehips!

Foraging05 Foraging02After our walk we left Robert to get on with his work while we went to visit my nan and have some lunch in Worthing which was super yummy. Lucky for me it was chilly enough in the evening that we were able to sit in front of the fire while we watched Interstellar (I didn't bawl my eyes out watching it the second time, but it was close!) while the cats purred away- it was wonderful!

Foraging07Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Now for the long, busy week ahead...and birthday times!

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