A Happy List :: Seven


So another week is gone and we're practically at the end of October, whatttt! I have a three day weekend coming up which I am super excited for, although we've ended up making quite a few plans for it so I'm not sure my original plans of sleep are actually going to happen, nevermind, fun will be had! I'm also looking forward to Halloween which is going to be a quiet affair but you can't miss out on an opportunity to dress up.ย 

  1. This week was my birthday (YAY) and Robert not only wrapped his presents to me but even wrapped the ones sent through amazon by my parents. This is a pretty big thing as he cannot wrap to save his life, he's all fingers and thumbs so it was super sweet of him to go to this effort no matter how long it took!
  2. I got a whole bunch of books for my birthday (I think this list is going to be pretty birthday heavy!) so I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some new reading.
  3. I finally ordered some new winter boots. I'd been looking at a certain pair in the sale and when I finally decided to buy them they had gone up in price. Luckily though I held off buying them and they just went back down in price so I quickly bought them up, yay!
  4. My new binge watch is Vampire Diaries. Netflix, oh how I adore thee. I finished up New Girl and The Originals so Vampire Diaries was the next obvious choice.
  5. I've just finished another new knitting project which I'm hoping will be a good present for someone, haven't worked out who quite yet though!
  6. I had two school groups in at work this week, and they were the sweetest reception classes ever! One group even sang happy birthday to me which was super adorable.
  7. Making dinner plans for the weekend with friends. I'm really looking forward to a good catch up and gossip...and yummy food, obviously.
  8. ย Robert also made a really delicious lasagne for dinner this week, and I can't get enough of his cooking skills. All the tasty food for meee!
  9. Candle lit bubble baths. I'm pretty sure these end up on nearly every happy list I've made, but it's the best de-stress remedy I have so I'm pretty sure they will remain firmly in place on every list to come too.

So the things from around the internet that I've found interesting and fun recently have included this adorable cat going for a walk. You can't go wrong with animals. ever. There was this interesting article about the new exhibition, The Fabric of India, at the V&A complete with some lovely images. I'm looking forward to trying out Cider With Rosie's buckwheat and pecan brownies, and my friend is vegan so perfect excuse to make them! I also found these really cute free dinosaur knitting patterns which are definitely on the cards to make asap.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!