November Mondays


How is it November already?! This year is going ridiculously quickly and I can't quite believe it's only something like eight weeks until Christmas. I am really looking forward to having ten days off over Christmas though so I am kinda happy that it's November but also I still have so much to get done before the end of the year so it's also slightly scary. November03November07It's been so hard to get decent photographs recently especially not only due to the dark drawing in quicker but we've also been battling with fog. I got a new car this week and it's been interesting trying to get used to the differences in driving whilst trying to navigate Kent country roads in thick fog. Luckily when I have a Monday off I have less to do than on a regular weekend day so I've taken the opportunity and the better light to get in a few photos today.

November06November05Lazy Mondays are almost as good as lazy Sundays and it's definitely easier to run errands in town which always helps. So far today I've spent it either cuddled up in my wonderful new blanket scarf, taking advantage of the autumn leaves or catching up on housework (oh the joy). I also wanted to get some knitting started, either another dinosaur or to try out a pattern from my new book, but I'm being incredibly lazy...maybe I'll get some done this evening.

November04Halloween01Our pumpkin is slowly starting to shrivel up and is another sign that October is truly over, but it was fun while it lasted. Tonight I'm hoping to roast up the squash that we grew, it was the only one we had this year so I have high hopes for it! Plus today is technically my Sunday so a roast of some sort has to get in there somewhere.

This is a week, or rather a month, of ups and downs work wise with some really busy times so I plan on taking full advantage of the lazy quiet Mondays that I have coming up. Hope you all have a good week!




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