Blean Woods


This weekend was super cold, the kind of cold that makes you want to curl up and do as little as possible because it's way too chilly to function. To counteract this we decided to whack up the heating and eat toast tucked up under knitted blankets whilst binge watching Jessica Jones...well I did anyway. On Sunday we really felt that we should actually do something and try and get out of the house, especially as it wasn't raining and in England you always have to take advantage of that!  Blean05 Blean06I suggested we go for a walk, and Robert tentatively agreed (he's got a cold so didn't want to be outside too long). Neither of us could think of anywhere to go walking until I remembered about Blean Woods. I'd never been before but I knew it was only a short drive away. So that's where we went. It's your typical country wood with muddy paths to walk on with the occasional horse rider, dog walker or runner, and in our case all three! We chose the shortest route and planned to walk the longer route another time, maybe when it's slightly warmer. It was a very lazy Sunday walk spent mostly discussing future plans or the lack thereof as so much is up in the air currently until Robert finishes his PhD.

Blean04 Blean02After our walk we spent the rest of the weekend pottering around the house and in my case watching more Jessica Jones episodes and Pixar's Up (that movie has me in tears. Every. Time.) So it was a pretty quiet weekend for us here in Kent, but what made it a really lovely one was knowing I had Monday off. No alarms needed to start this week off and four day weeks are the best!

Hope you all had a good weekend!