Monday Date Night


It's been pretty tricky recently trying to get decent photos as it's always dark when I get home in the evenings and the weekends when I haven't been working it's been totally miserable and grey. Boo. I ended up making blackberry and apple pie at the weekend and doing little else other than knitting, so a lovely lazy weekend was had which is just what we both needed (but doesn't help with taking decent blog photos!) This week is going to be a long one as it's a work weekend, plus I'm staying super late one night this week for an event. So, come Saturday night, I plan on collapsing on the sofa in front of the US Office or having a bath, depending how bothered I can be!  DateNight02 DateNight03The other month Robert signed up for some food club card which gets you discount at a number of restaurants. Unfortunately it can't be used at most places in December so Monday night was our last night to be able to use it. We decided to head to Canterbury for a bit of a date night as we won't be seeing much of each other this week. The Parrot was our chosen destination as it's one of our favourites- the chips are super tasty...actually everything on their menu is pretty awesome!

DateNight08 DateNight07We strolled though a lit up Canterbury on our way to and from the pub which just made me feel even more Christmassy. I chose the sweet and smokey ribs which came with onion rings, chips, coleslaw and corn on the cob. Robert decided on the Mitre burger, which is a double stack burger with pulled pork, smoked cheese, smoked bacon and onion rings AND comes with chips and coleslaw, phwoar. Both meals were super delicious and tasty, and despite having every intention of having dessert we were both just too stuffed to even share a sticky toffee pudding (which we've had on good authority from housemate Steve that it's the bomb)... So obviously we're just going to have to go again!

DateNight06 DateNight05 DateNight04I'm so excited for Christmas this year so seeing all of the Christmas lights up in Canterbury and all the festive window displays only helped to get me even more excited. Robert on the other hand isn't quite so excited as he has a crazy amount of deadlines due before Christmas, so festive talk for him is just a reminder of that!

Sorry for the rather poor quality blurry pictures, the food is just too tasty to photograph for long!

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