Getting in the Christmas Spirit


The last two years we’ve had the same potted Christmas tree which we keep in the garden all year long ready to bring back in the house in December. Unfortunately this year some of the branches have gone brown so it’s not looking its usual festive self so we made the obvious decision to get a new tree for this Christmas. ChristmasTree03 ChristmasTree07Our old tree is still in the garden, we’ll not be throwing it away and hopefully we can encourage it to keep going for a bit longer! I’ve been so excited the last few months for the Christmas period and have been more than ready to crack out the Christmas songs so it really made my day on the 1st December when festive songs were played for the whole of my drive to work.

ChristmasTree05 ChristmasTree04Every year once Christmas is over all of the decorations, lights and other festive bits and pieces get packed up back into a cardboard box and stowed away on top of the wardrobe. I normally like to get cracking with decorating as soon as December hits, but I’ve had to wait a few days this year as the first week in December turned out to be a pretty hectic one for both Robert and I. Despite this it was so lovely to get the Christmas box down and sift through all of the decorations we’ve collected so far.

ChristmasTree06 ChristmasTree02The Christmas tree at home is always decorated in a mish mash of old and new, ranging from decorations that my sisters and I made at school to classic baubles and glass birds that my mum has collected ever since she left home. I’m going on that same route with our decorations as it’s always so much nicer to have items that have sentimental value, rather than a bunch of matching baubles that don’t necessarily have much relevance other than being festively appropriate. After Christmas mum and I generally head out to the local garden centre to see if we can find any new fun decorations, and a cup of hot chocolate is generally had on these outings too!

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