Christmas Gingerbread


If you couldn't tell already I've been getting very Christmassy the last few weeks. The cold and dark evenings are made easier at this time of the year with all of the Christmas lights twinkling in windows on my drive home. The other thing that helps at this time of year? Comfort food. Stews, pasta in thick cheesy sauce, pies and crumbles. Yes please! It's like a big warm hug that makes everything better. The other day we ended up making some Christmas gingerbread, and I was pretty pleased with the results.Gingerbread02We followed a Delia Smith recipe and it took quite a bit of willpower not to eat the dough before we baked it as it was just so darn tasty.  You can find the recipe here if you're interested in making your own, I would definitely recommend it! I'm already planning on making some more gingerbread a little closer to Christmas when there are more people around to stop Robert and I from gobbling the whole lot up ourselves. Which reminds me, I really need to up my exercise game if I don't want to put too much 'winter weight' on this Christmas break. I've been getting more weight training in recently but I've not quite got back to working out 3 or 4 times a week which I had been doing. Whoops! Gingerbread03We chose to make our gingerbread into Christmas shapes instead of the usual gingerbread men. Christmas trees, stockings, reindeer and angels all made the cut...literally. The gingerbread came out wonderfully crisp and filled the house with the wonderful smell of Christmas. Only 11 days to go, I'm so excited!


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