Rochester Roaming


The other week I was due to meet up with some friends on the Friday evening, so I took some time off work to meet up early with my friend Chris. We went into Rochester to check out the independent shops and the Christmas market which sadly has finished now. This post is a little picture heavy so you might want to grab a cuppa! Rochester06 Rochester01We started off with drinks at the Deaf Cat on Rochester High Street, Chris went for hot chocolate while I went for a chai latte which has become my drink of choice lately. It is super delicious!

Chris had forgotten to bring a jumper and it ended up being pretty chilly so we stopped off at a charity shop so he could pick something up. We were on the hunt for Christmas presents for Chris' brother, but we never found anything, either in the high street shops or the Christmas market.

Rochester02 Rochester01 Rochester08It was still pretty early when we checked out the Christmas market so it was nice and quiet which meant you could actually look at things. Or as Chris would have it, it meant we were able to go on the carousel all by ourselves. It may have taken a little persuasion but it was pretty fun!

Rochester10 Rochester07 Rochester04 Rochester02After having a wander around the market we ended up chilling in the beer tent for a while catching up on everything that has been going on and then moved on to meet up with the rest of the group. It was a really fun afternoon and it was great catching up with everyone, especially as we don't get to see each other very often as we're all so busy! Checking out the market was a great pre-Christmas activity too, just what was needed to top up the festive spirit, although I was totally shattered and still had to go in to work on the Saturday, boo!

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