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I know everyone has been saying it but, truly, this year has gone by SO quickly. I only have three days of work left for the year and then it's all systems go for the Christmas period. Robert and I had our mini Christmas celebration on Sunday where we exchanged presents and had roast dinner with most of the trimmings.  LifeLatelyDec02We went into Canterbury on Sunday to run a few errands and then had a lazy walk around the backstreets of the city. The rest of the day I spent it wrapping my last remaining gifts and watching Mad Men, which is my current binge watch. Joan Holloway has such great outfits, but is there seriously no male character who can keep it in his pants?

I only had the one day off this weekend but knowing I only had work Monday-Wednesday meant I didn't get that blue Sunday feeling that sometimes happens. There's going to be so many exciting things to look forward to at work and at home in the coming year, so I'm looking forward to recharging my batteries over the next two weeks and getting back to work properly energised!

LifeLatelyDec01Going home for Christmas also means I get to catch up with old friends which I'm really looking forward to. I haven't seen some people since we went to London earlier in the year (which is where the photos above is from!) so I'm sure we're going to have lots to talk about and catch up on. Once Robert and I get back to Kent after all the festiveness we're planning on seeing the new Star Wars movie, which we are both ridiculously excited about. We decided not to go when it first came out as Robert had a big deadline so was working overtime and I prefer to go to the cinema when it's a little quieter. To prepare for the new movie we've been re-watching the previous films (like every other fan on the planet) and we decided to go for the machete order to mix things up a bit.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and have lots of lovely things planned!

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