Three Engineers and a Takeaway


Three engineers, a curator and a takeaway...sounds a bit like the start of a joke? We had Robert's friend Richard stay over the other night as the both of them had a conference to attend. Whenever Robert and Richard meet up a curry is always involved. So consequently we decided to get a takeaway, and turn the evening into a bit of a social, and invited another of Robert's colleagues from their project. It was a super fun evening which had me laughing for the majority of it due to Richard's quick wit. Shop talk is inevitable when you have a number of individuals together who are from the same field so I may have gotten a little lost in the tech conversation from time to time! Luckily Richard is in a slightly different area, so when the conversation started involving engineering acronyms he also got a little lost. Because the weather had been so lovely all day we decided to sit outside in the garden, making our takeaway a little classier. I tried to regale them with tales from the Museum, forgetting that I am an absolutely awful storyteller. I either end up laughing so much I can't tell the story properly, or I forget sections and have to keep backtracking to fill in the holes. Hopefully though my lack of skills provided at least a little entertainment.

Unfortunately we were having too much fun to take any photographs (plus I'm not sure how photogenic takeaway really is) so I've had to compensate with a picture of Robert's Lego F1 car. Well, he does always say that his job is just Lego!