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January is pretty rubbish. I've tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, it does have a difficult time coming straight after December with all those lights and Christmas and such, so it has a pretty hard time as is. But nope, I can't anymore it's a fairly grim month and I'm very much looking forward to February! With January being a bit rubbish, cold and grey, it's probably even more important to focus on the positive things, so here goes..January01 January02

  1. Last weekend was a good weekend. We went home to see my parents as it was my Mum's birthday last week. My sisters and I had planned a surprise tea party to celebrate and to celebrate my dad turning 60 as we never got round to doing anything particularly special for it. The party was so lovely, although it was a little tricky to get my parents to the village hall without them figuring out what was going on, but we managed it! I made a devil's food cake for it, which despite being initially stressful it went pretty well. I should say that my practice try earlier in the week went really well, and then when I came to make it after work at the end of the week it was pretty disastrous so I had to make a third attempt Saturday morning with the help of my niece, and luckily that one turned out much better!
  2. I've been relaxing after work most nights either reading Harry Potter or watching the movies. I ended up bawling my eyes out through both parts of The Deathly Hallows, it was just too much!
  3. Robert has been amazing this week, he stocked up on chocolate for me and has had dinner cooked and ready for when I get home when I've had to work late the last few weeks. He's amazing that man!
  4. When we were home at the weekend we spent Saturday evening eating Chinese take-away and watching A Little Chaos on Netflix, because Alan Rickman. Unfortunately we found that Alan Rickman was the only decent thing about that movie, but it was a good laugh as none of us could quite understand what was going on or what the point was. Also that man was a brilliant actor, it's so sad that that voice and talent is lost forever now.
  5. The other programme I've been indulging in is War & Peace. Oh my, those costumes, and that Andrei 😍 how dreamy! I would quite enjoy swanning around in some of those dresses and cosy coats with those fluffy hats, I think I would rock that so much...well probably not but I imagine it would be super fun. I also want to visit Russia, it's been on my list since school, unfortunately for the moment i'll have to stick with watching it on my tv screen.
  6. Commuting to work after Christmas has been pretty dire. So many roads are being re-done or have had water pipes burst so have been closed which has caused total chaos for my drive to work and home again and has added on practically an extra half an hour each way. BUT my commute has been made a little more bearable with the Footloose soundtrack and takes me back to being at school when I spent quite a bit of time boogying to that soundtrack in my bedroom.

Hope you've all found some brighter points in your January to focus on, do let me know of any in the comments. Only a little longer of the month left and then it's on with February!

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