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Weekends are always so weird in this house. Half the time we don't get normal weekends as I have to work every other Saturday which shunts my weekends over to Sunday/Monday, and Robert is still working on his PhD so weekends are a bit like unicorns or phoenix's to him. This means that we don't really get to spend much time together to laze about or go for drives around Kent which is sucky but at least it's only temporary!  Weekend04 Weekend01 work03So this weekend was no exception and not particularly exciting as I was working Saturday and Robert had work bits to do too. Luckily my mum was in Kent for a craft workshop so I met up with her Sunday morning for tea and pain au chocolat in a Canterbury cafe. We then had a wander around the city checking out bits and pieces in shops and I picked up a salt beef bagel from Little Joes Deli next to the Cathedral for Robert and I to share for lunch as a treat. That's it up there, now I know it might not look like much (which isn't helped by my terrible food photography skills!) but oh man, it was so good. It was salty and sharp and delicious. The combination of mustard mayo, beef, pickled cucumber and bagel was just heavenly- well worth the £7 price tag.

Weekend02So Monday I had all to myself which meant I went for a solo trek around Canterbury on the hunt for a new foundation. I found it in Boots at the No7 counter, with the help of the saleswoman who made up my whole face along with lipstick and blusher which meant I didn't look quite so splotchy and gross for the rest of my walk around town.

Luckily Monday morning was so lovely and sunny, and it was incredible the difference it made to my mood immediately. I felt so much brighter, awake and excited for the day which means I really can't wait for Spring to get into full swing now! It also meant I got a whole load of 'life admin' done, read tidying, washing and sorting, yay!

Weekend05 Weekend06So yeah that was my weekend, mostly. This month has gone so ridiculously slowly, I can't believe it's not February yet. I know you shouldn't wish your life away but January can really get lost as far as I'm concerned now. At least there are only a few days left which means it's almost payday!

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