Learning a Language


My main aim for 2015 was to take every opportunity to invest and 'improve' myself. I wanted to start learning again and to gain skills that I had either lost or didn't have to begin with. Learning a language is always a good place to start, so I have finally (halfway through the year) signed up for an Italian class. I took Italian GCSE at school andย have all but forgotten everything I learnt. I can just about say 'Hello, my name is...' and 'How are you? I'm good thank you', although i'm sure i'm probably using the wrong declension or what have you! Luckily I have found a class focused on conversation, that is specifically for people who used to study or know a little of the language, rather than having to start in a beginners class which may be more structured. I finally bit the bullet and payed the fee today and will be starting the class next week! I'm rather excited about it but also a little nervous as I was never particularly good at the speaking and listening side of things at school, I always felt a little lost! Yummy Sorrento food

I also have an ulterior motive in choosing Italian. Robert recently heard that a paper he submitted for a conference has been accepted, and it's in Milan! We're putting a hold on going on holiday until Robert finishes his PhD, but have decided that we might as well take the opportunity to have a little bit of a holiday after his conference! I love Italy and can't wait to explore a new Italian city and obviously eat all the delicious food.