Happy List :: Ten


I think I'm just gonna jump straight in with this one rather than ramble on with things as I'm sure I ramble enough in the rest of the post, so here goes:

  1. Last weekend was the bomb. We went to the Curzon to see The Big Short, ate chocolate and tasty food, and had an all round lovely weekend. We got the film time wrong so turned up a wee bit late and had to quickly run in front of the screen to find our seats which was quite funny, and no one seemed to mind!
  2. Garlic bread, yasss.
  3. On Monday I went to London for the Refugee Week Conference which was awesome and everyone there was so fantastic and positive. They had some really great speakers and performers, including Bards Without Borders who were pretty awesome. If you're interested there's lots more info on the #RWConference2016 on Twitter.
  4. I've been doing some short yoga sessions a few evenings or so a week which has been nice and relaxing.
  5. I've been following a few podcasts recently and spent the evening with the tv off and just listened which was actually really nice and gave my tired eyes a nice break.
  6. I've been feeling rather exhausted the last few weeks and it's started to show on my face with ridiculous big bags under my eyes (booooo). BUT yesterday I didn't put my mascara on my lower lashes and added some eye-liner and felt a little better about being an eye-bag lady haha.
  7. I started a new embroidery project this week and have some ideas lined up for some more. Yay new projects!
  8. Re-watching Ruby Sparks. I forgot how great the movie is and how funny the opening is with Chris Messina's character. I also like how it explores the idea of the whole 'pixie dream girl' character that movies always have- hipster movies anyway. 'Quirky messy women who's problems only make them endearing are not real.'
  9. We had a tour of University of Creative Arts last week which was really cool and really made me want to go back to school and be all creative everyday.
  10. Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat that Robert bought. YUM. Also smoothies, super yum and means I actually eat fruit so double yay.

Here are some interesting things I've been enjoying from the internet recently and thought they would be good to share:

This really cool interview with costume designer Sandy Powell talking about the film Carol. This interesting blog post from the Science Museum about using 3D printing to help with heart surgery. This podcast interview with Domhnall Gleeson (swoon, he's awesome). This Rolling Stone interview with Bryce Dessner about Ballet and The Revenant. This Steinbeck poem that Louise posted on her blog Beside the Danube which I love.

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