Lazy Monday


Monday was a super lazy day for me, I had breakfast in bed- actually I spent most of the day in bed really, well I did say it was a lazy day! I spent Sunday doing a whole lot of tidying and sorting and ended up moving our bedroom furniture around after a six day week so a lazy Monday was always going to be on the cards.  Monday05 Monday04 Monday06Over the last couple of days I binge watched Love on Netflix which at first I wasn't so sure about, but after the second episode I was totally hooked. So a lot of my day was taken up with either watching that or Chelsea Handler Does... which was a pretty interesting watch. I did venture out into the rain to get some fresh air. It was a pretty grey and dreary rainy day but the ducks at least looked pretty chipper, so at least someone was enjoying the wet! I've started a number of new embroidery projects and spent the afternoon working on them, again sat in bed watching Netflix, haha.

Monday03 Monday02 Monday01I'm really looking forward to this week as I'm only working three days this week and then we've got some fun things planned for the weekend. There's also a load of fun things happening at work, with school groups, talks and meetings so it will definitely be a busy three days!

Hope you've all had good weekends :)

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