Borough Love


Last weekend Robert and I went to London for the day. Our plan? Food. It also marked our two year anniversary for when we first visited Borough together, which was super super early on in our relationship so it holds quite a few special memories and associations for us. It was literally two years to the day which was pretty funny. I think the fact that one of our first major big dates was going to a food market is a big indicator of our relationship and the role that food plays in that. So I thought I'd share some of our Borough pictures from our different trips as it's something I want to remember, and this is a place for me to keep all those memories and happy moments. Borough03 Borough01 Borough04I finally got the photos from our first trip downloaded from Robert's computer and I got all nostalgic, especially mixed with eating all of the yummy food at Borough. We had the best peanut butter blondie that had this jam coating on the top and it was so ridiculously tasty. We actually ended up buying a second peanut blondie it was so tasty, which we took home and had a couple of days later. It wasn't quite as good as it was when it was fresh, but it was still darn delicious. We also got this really good warm scotch egg with sweet potato fries which was just what we needed as it was super chilly in London.

I just had to go take a break for some cereal as thinking about Borough food just made me hungry, haha.

London01 London03 London02Borough, being Borough, got incredibly busy so we had to work out what we wanted to do until we met up with friends for dinner. We ended up deciding to be total tourists for the day and headed to South Kensington to check out the Natural History Museum. That was until we got there and there was a ridiculous queue so we went to the Science Museum instead and then took the tube to Covent Garden. We met up with our friends for dinner at Honest Burgers, which was interesting. The burgers were really good and cooked just right but it was super noisy so it was tricky to properly catch up on everyone's news, but that could also have been due to the cocktail I had which tasted just like lemonade-dangerous! We had such a good catch up with Chris and Sabine and almost went to a Ping Pong Club but when we got there a table wasn't free until really late. It was super crazy in there, it was literally a night club but with ping pong tables, and we definitely want to try it next time we're in London.