Sake Cocktails and Katsu Curry


Saturday night was a night of Japanese food and friends. We started out at The Jolly Sailor while we waited for a table at Tamago to become free. Pub02 Pub01We did try the Sake cocktails and Ross ordered warm sake which we all tried. The food was very tasty and Rebecca shared her pumpkin starter with me which was really really good. The katsu curry was also super great! After food we ended up in The Foundry where we got some more drinks. I shared the best non-story ever, which is a total skill that I really excel at. Some people tell really interesting stories, while others have the gift of the non-story, I am totally the latter. I had taken my camera with me, but had failed to put the SD card back in so I ended up taking photos with my phone instead, hence the rather dodgy quality! So that's also why there's no pictures of the food, and also because I'm super impatient and start eating before I remember to take a picture. Also apparently Ross has a very expressive face, haha. You may remember Chris from our day in Rochester. 

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