I can't think of that word (post title) without thinking of that song that seemed to continuously play at the uni club for the whole of Freshers year, ugh that song was so annoying. Sooo the other week when I was experimenting with my camera and magically found the black and white setting (cue all pictures taken with this setting for the rest of the day) I also took a walk along the Riverside in Canterbury after running a few errands in town. It was awesome, I discovered some bits of the city that I had no idea about and some cool houses that seemed like they were trying to be totally BATH yeah. Riverside05 Riverside07 Riverside06 Riverside08I also came across one of those super Stepford housing developments where everything looks exactly the same and it also had that whole Broadchurch vibe going on. You know that whole housing place where the two odd families live and they have like this terrible fenced square of a garden with nothing in it and it all just looks exactly the same and slightly disconcerting, like you could get completely lost but only be the next street along? Riverside09 Riverside10So I've recently binge-watched the whole of Girls and have ended up re-watching it practically straight away as I feel like I missed so much watching it the first time. They drop some great one liners and I feel like Adam has some great thoughts on relationships and love and such, actually scratch that, they all do. I also think Jessa has become my favourite character after initially thinking she was kinda annoying (well they all have their slight irritating-ness at times and seem to treat each other like crap a lot of the time) and Jemima Kirke is pretty badass and totally gorgeous.

Riverside04 Riverside03 Riverside01Anyway, here's some cool/interesting links for your Wednesday reading:

The Royal Academy looks at three video artists to watch. A look at the British Museum's conservation team working on Dürer’s Triumphal Arch. Oh look, another museum based link- the V&As podcast on female artists. With all this talk on Brexit the Migration Museum and portrait photographer Charlie Clift take a look at Brits Abroad.

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