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I must have finished knitting this cushion cover well over 3 years ago, so the final product has been a long, long time coming. It was one of the first knitting projects I made when I first learnt to knit and was actually relatively quick to finish...and then it ended up in my knitting basket untouched until now. Basically my Easter bank holiday consisted of eating chocolate, watching Jane the Virgin and adding the finishing touches to this, oh and sleeping in and having breakfast in bed, winning yo! Cushion05Cushion04The last couple of weeks though I was resolved to actually finish it, and I did, YAY! I had picked out some ribbons from my craft box when I first knitted the cover, but I never sewed them on as I was never particularly sure that the colours worked that well together. But the other week I finally went and picked up some new ribbons from C&H Fabrics and i'm pretty happy with the colour combo that I finally ended up with. I struggled with finding the right colour and size beads to add onto the moss stitched sections as the colours that I had that actually worked with the cushion colour were much too small and they just ended up getting pretty lost. I thought about ordering some beads from the internet but I was rather tentative doing that as I had no idea whether the colours shown on the screen would be the real colour and whether the size would be right, sometimes there's nothing like actually seeing something in the flesh before buying. I ended up going to the Bead Pot in Canterbury and picked up some nice big glass beads that matched with the ribbons and the wool, wohoo! So the cushion cover that has been years in the making is now finally finally completed...although I'm still waiting for the cushion pad to arrive as I only ordered it the other day. I ended up using a different cushion that I already have to see what it looked like and to take some (rather terrible) pictures.

Cushion01I now want to knit it again in a different colour combination, so I now need to order some more Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino wool and make sure I buy up some ribbon and beads so that the next one doesn't take over 3 years to make too! If you're interested in knitting one yourself the pattern can be found in the book Knits for you and your Home by Debbie Bliss.

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