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Yay spring has finally worked it's way into Kent and it makes all the difference. The daffodils are looking so splendid in all their yellow glory and the trees (which seem to have been in bloom everywhere else) have finally got themselves into gear. The cats down our road have also been enjoying the nicer weather and can be seen sat in sunny windows, or on the top of our garden gate which is super cute. I treated myself to some new gym gear this weekend as I've been upping my workouts so I've entered this week feeling pretty good about things!

Practicing:: Self-control. I went to a conference yesterday and I resisted the cake and crisps. Yay, go me.

Drinking:: Banana, strawberry and almond milk smoothies, yum. They look such a pretty colour too!

Wanting:: Pancakes. Pastries. Cake. Biscuits. Cookies. EVERYTHING. The last week or so I've been trying to really sort my diet out and cut down on my sugar intake.

Waiting:: For the weekend. Sigh.

Reading:: 'Howard's End is on the Landing' by Susan Hill. I just finished 'A Florentine Death' by Michelle Giuttari which was pretty good and a wee bit creepy. Robert has said he will treat me to a new book at the weekend which I'm pretty excited about!

Thinking:: About what new book I might want to choose. Too many books, so little time.

Needing:: New mascara. But there are so many to choose from and I never know what to go for. They’re also pretty expensive which I also resent so I’m trying to make my current one last as long as possible.

Wearing:: My new sunglasses that I bought the other week, that is when the sun's out at least. Luckily though it's been showing it's face a lot more often the last few days or so, I have my fingers crossed this continues.

Feeling:: Happy that the weather is picking up a bit and excited for some warmer days to come. Also I'm feeling pretty amazed that it's already April, how how how! Time is such a funny thing.

Wishing:: For a holiday. It's going to be a while until we can actually go away but Robert might be having a few work trips coming up soon so I might try to persuade him to take an extra day so I can tag along at the end or something, here's hoping!

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