Wanderlust Wishlist


Like a lot of people I like making lists. To do lists, wish lists, movies to watch lists, any kind of list. Some lists get dealt with quickly and it's always satisfying ticking off those daily 'to do lists', while other lists slowly get longer and longer over time. I've always had a general list of places in the world I want to go and countries I want to see and it's this list in particular that just seems to get longer, so I figured I might as well add it the blog. Wanderlust04Wanderlust06 Wanderlust05Robert and I still haven't booked in a holiday for this year but we're hoping to be able to get some time away in September or October (fingers crossed). Our last two trips away have been to Italy, and as much as I love love love Italy and there are so many more cities and places there that I want to visit or revisit I would quite like for us to visit somewhere new together. I've thrown around a few ideas as I'm a planner and I like having things to look forward to. Also Robert has work brain on most of the time so he doesn't think that far ahead! So here's my current wanderlust list of the places I really really want to see:

Wanderlust02 Wanderlust07Iceland- This is one we were both really thinking of booking for this year and I did a fair bit of research but it may end up being early next year as we kinda want some snow and a potential of seeing the Northern Lights.

Australia- This has been on my list for quite a while, and is being made worse by seeing all the beautiful Instagram pictures from the people who live there.

California- San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles. I wanna see it all. Luckily we have some very forward thinking plans to go visit our old housemate Steve, who lives out there, some time in the next few years.

New York- Probably on most peoples lists I imagine!

New Zealand- *Sigh* the beautiful landscapes, plus hobbit land yo!

Vienna- Especially after reading this book.

Japan- Just everything about it, also they have cat cafes...now that's my kinda place.

Croatia- A friend went there recently and said that the historical sites were pretty awesome. PLUS the coastal landscape looks amazing.

And a few more: Thailand, Sicily, Peru, Fiji, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Cuba, Alaska, Singapore...and so many more! Let me know if you have any more suggestions, I always like adding some more to the list!


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