Coming Out of Hibernation


I really think that over the winter period it should be totally acceptable for humans to go into hibernation like a bear or whatever. When that grizzly grey weather comes rolling in and it's the type of cold that seems to seep into your bones then I think we should not be expected to be productive in any way. I did read the other month that our bodies do have a tendency to wind down during winter as it has something to do with the lack of light so we shouldn't try and push ourselves too much. I like that thinking.

I loved Freya's series on The Quiet Winter and I think I definitely took the time this past year to wind down as much as possible. It can be pretty tricky to slow down during the winter period as it ends up getting so frantic with Christmas and all the preparations that go along with it. Not to mention that at work there sometimes tends to be an air of pressure as everyone tries to fit all their work in before going on Christmas holiday. Winter can be a funny time in the museum sector as many places see a drop in visitor numbers as people obviously don't want to be spending their money on visits when they have presents to buy, but behind the scenes there is always a lot of preparation for the year to come and making sure the new leaflets are sorted and events are scheduled.

I started my current job last August so this winter just gone was quite a busy one as I was still getting to grips with how things were done and my new workload. Consequently the Christmas break came and wasn't a particularly restful period as there is always so much to try to fit in and so many people to see that you don't normally get the opportunity to meet up with. It meant that once January came around and work started up again I was still as exhausted as I was at the end of 2015. I decided to try to really scale back and listen to my body, if I wanted to sit and do nothing all evening or eat chocolate I would let myself and importantly not feel guilty about it. I only made gentle timid plans to ensure that the grand New Years resolutions were achievable and refreshed every month or so to take off any pressure I was putting on myself. It also meant that I eased up on my gym attendance and general working out plans. Instead I opted for gentle short yoga sequences that I could easily fit into my day without feeling like I was cramming in too many activities.

But now it's time to make some changes. The last couple of months I've already got back into a workout routine, adding in some more cardio and weights again to go alongside some longer yoga sequences which help to keep my muscles stretched out. I've been making more plans and goals that I want to work towards in the next few years, and I've been getting a lot more creative again which is always a nice activity for my mind at the end of the day or week. Now that it's spring it's time to wake up a bit more and shake things up again.

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