My Handbag Essentials


There's always a whole load of crap in my bag at any given time, all those old receipts, tube maps, train tickets, bobby pins...bonjella...spoons!? Yup, total mish mash 80% of the time. But if your eyes are the window to your soul then your bag is probably a window to your life, right? I can be a bit of a hoarder so I guess my bag reflects that haha. Anyway I got myself a new bag in the Cath Kidston sale recently so decided to sort my stuff and really pare it down to my essentials as I really don't think I need a spare teaspoon in my bag, although you never know when a nefarious yoghurt might creep up on you.  Bag03 Bag04So here's what I've managed to cut my bag contents down to, although I'm sure in time those grimy old receipts will be back to haunt me...

Diary :: This is a total must have when working. Everything goes in here, my to do lists, travel lists, work meetings, social meetings, everything. I also get super organised and colour code it which I get very finicky about. I have to get an academic diary as I work in museum education so it's so much easier to keep up with school and event bookings, which means I get to have a new diary soon, YAY!

Book :: Vital bag fodder for a train journey especially if it's a long trip.

Lip balm/ lipstick :: For those times when you really need a moisture burst or a swipe of colour to distract from your massive under-eye bags. My friend from America sent me over the Eos balm a while back and it smells super tasty.

Paracetamol :: Always comes in handy, either for you or your travel companion, who knows when a headache might hit.

Water bottle :: Robert bought this one for me as a new job treat and is great for making sure I keep myself hydrated and means I avoid all those plastic bottles and all the crap that goes with them.

Bag05Chocolate :: Now this isn't always in here, but since Easter I've had one last chocolate chick remaining and it's nice to have in my bag for a potential just in case of emergency requirement.

Headphones :: Again necessary for those long public transport journeys, especially if there's the potential of screaming children or people talking super loud on the phone.

Purse :: Obvs.

Sunglasses :: Well it is getting sunnier now and they are great for giving you that mysterious air, almost like a celebrity landing at LAX with a secret to hide. Or, you know, just super great for hiding tired eyes

Hand Cream :: Well who knows when dry lizard hands might hit. As the Scouts say, Always Be Prepared yo.


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